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Activity-based holidays have not lost any steam with the consumer travel market. Travellers want to be active and fit while they are on holiday and this is definitely achieved with the help of adventure holidays. There are several types of activity holidays that you can choose from when you are planning your next holiday.

bonaventure – adventure holidays with a twist!

Voluntourism: This is a niche market in adventure holidays where volunteers pay to go to exotic destinations such as Tanzania and Bali to volunteer with local communities. The upside for travellers is that they undertake a socially responsible cause by volunteering and mixing travel into their blend as well. This makes it perfect for people who want to have adventure in their travel palette and do something that benefits the community that they are going to be part of.

Ecotourism: Observing the rich nature of destinations such as the Amazon Forest in Latin America is easily achieved if you go on an ecotourist adventure holiday. This makes it perfect for people who love nature and want to incorporate the activity element of going to environmentally friendly destinations where rolling up your sleeves to take part is necessary.

Sports: Being athletic on holiday is simple if you choose an adventure holiday that is brimming with sports. Good choices for this include kayaking, rafting and bungee jumping. If you enjoy sports in your home country, choose an activity based holiday that will allow you to get stuck in. Perhaps you would even like to experience Kasilof river fishing in Alaska.Football and basketball are popular sports that are mixed into adventure holidays because travellers can create their own custom packages that allow them to play sports with a local team for example, while still being part of their own holiday.

When you are going on your adventure holiday, it is important to choose the appropriate clothes and accessories to bring with you. If you are going on volunteer activity based holidays, you should consider warm clothes for exotic destinations and language guides to help you navigate the countries that have been chosen by you. Adventure travellers who want to include sports should consider bringing several pairs of shoes that they can alternate between.

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