Bouldering on the Jurassic Coast

Bouldering or rock climbing in Dorset is an activity of a lifetime. It's an enterprise that any person can take to the next level. Worth noting is that because they signed up for bouldering, they'll also be spending their holiday on the Jurassic Coast, a World Heritage Site.

Another reason the Dorset coastline is also an excellent place for the activity? It is easy to climb and can encourage novices to be passionate about bouldering. There, they can learn the ropes by climbing smaller rocks. Suppose a person's skill level is too advanced for smaller rocks; they can join experienced climbers or an advanced session and make their holiday unforgettable!

Dorset Rock Climbing

28 Jul 2021

The Jurassic Coast is a well-known destination for all types of rock climbing, including bouldering. There are some relatively easy climbs for beginners. The cliffs of Lulworth, Portland and Swanage are highly recommended. Lulworth, in particular, is popular with those who also enjoy deep water soloing.

Cliff Jumping on the Jurassic Coast

16 Jun 2021

The Jurassic Coast is a mecca for thrill-seekers, with the opportunity to go bouldering and partake in cliff jumping. Of course, special care should be taken with this particular activity, and it is wise to consult with local residents who know the area.

Finding Fossils on the Jurassic Coast

10 May 2021

For those who prefer a more sedate hobby than bouldering, the Jurassic Coast is perfect for finding fossils. Charmouth Beach is ideal for this activity, especially when the tide is out. It is relatively easy to see examples of ammonites and fool's gold.